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Working at Heights Refresher

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Working safely at heights should be regarded as one of the fundamental work processes for all RDI members and this module is designed to enable all learners to understand relevant industry guidelines on safe working practices.

This learning module is designed to be used by RDI members that require their working at heights certificate to be renewed and focusses on refreshing, reinforcing and underpinning learners' knowledge of working safely in and around domestic premises.

Please note that this module is only suitable for learners that have successfully completed a Working at Heights competency based training programme previously and that are familiar with the skills and equipment required for safely working at height

A formal, multiple choice assessment must be completed after studying this module as proof of knowledge.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course a certificate of competence will be issued that will be valid for three years.

The cost of this course is £60 for further information or to book your place please email

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