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The RDI is a trade representative body committed to its members within the digital sector. RDI membership falls into relevant category's dependent on the size and type of business. Ranging from sole traders to multi-national organisations, membership is open to all who have a likeminded approach to understanding and raising standards. A principle aim of the RDI and focus of its operations is to provide an environment where trained, qualified, experienced members can become affiliated to an industry recognised authority. All members must qualify to be accepted into the RDI and must meet requirements set out in its code of conduct. To achieve this RDI membership also provides access to education and skills pathways, news and feeds into relevant industry bodies and technological guidance. RDI membership is therefore a mark of quality, trust and recognition. These core values are recognised by industry, regulatory and consumer interests. Most important however is the RDI's drive to ensure that high standards are maintained to protect consumer and end user interests. Unlike many other bodies the RDI is therefore a consumer champion within the digital sector.

There are several benefits to becoming a member of the RDI and not least because you become accredited with the RDI's 'stamp of approval'.

These include unique accesses to assets such as the new look 'blue digital tick' logo; special commercial benefits; linkage to a body committed to creating opportunities within the digital sector; access to relevant training, up-skilling and personal development; business, technical and industry updates; representation by a modern organisation connected at the future; Opportunity to build or transform your business profile; work with likeminded colleagues committed to raising standards and great profiling through our websites.

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Why should I join?

If you are a technician, installer, engineer, consultant, manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, trade body or other important member of the digital economy you should apply to join the industry's lead organisation. In addition to raising awareness of your own business you will gain access to technological developments, up-skilling and promotion within the UK's best digital trade organisation. The RDI's own consumer website is exclusively populated by RDI qualified members. Through business to business connections the RDI will also promote trade. Higher tiered memberships are also possible depending on qualification and will lift both consumer and business to business profiles significantly. Becoming a member of the scheme is your first step to becoming part of a rapidly growing industry supported by us and other high profile industry players.

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How can I join?

The RDI is open and inclusive to all professional businesses, individuals and related bodies involved within the digital sector. The RDI's internal quality control system requires that potential members meet the necessary minimum criteria for membership and existing members are annually reviewed. Dependent on the size and nature of their business, potential members will need to complete an online application and submit their annual subscription fee. Existing members will also be able to simply renew online. The RDI will remind members in advance when their membership is due for renewal and also when important documents such as insurance or disclosure documents are due for resubmission. The new online membership interface also allows members to apply for inclusion on the consumer facing website. Friendly RDI admin staff are just a phone call away to support you if needed.

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ID Cards

Each RDI field engineer or installer will be issued with a credit card size membership card. The card will carry the familiar blue digital tick, the installers photograph, their skill set, a unique ID number and expiry date. The card remains the property of the RDI and can be withdrawn for reasons of misconduct at any time. The card system has been in place since 2006 and has proven to be a valuable way for the public and business to identify whether or not a member is registered on the schemes database. The picture that appears on the card also appears on the members profile on the RDI website. It therefore forms an important part of the security process which helps protect consumers from rogue traders. The RDI issues one free card with membership or renewal. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately. Installers are not permitted to operate without a valid ID card. It is fraudulent to misuse or copy an RDI ID card and our team will enforce against any claim arising.

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Membership Categories

Technical Field Services What's this?

Tier Price
Sole Trader £150.00
2 - 9 £175.00
10 - 49 £550.00
50 - 249 £850.00
250+ £1250.00

* Please note the prices listed above do not include VAT which is currently 20%. If you pay via monthly direct debit there is an additional admin charge.

B2B Prices What's this?

Membership Type Membership Fee
Wholesaler £690
Recycler £690
College £690
Training Partner £690
Consultant £500

* Please note the prices listed above do not include VAT which is currently 20%. If you pay via monthly direct debit there is an additional admin charge.

Corporate Prices What's this?

Membership Type Membership Fee
Retailer / Rental - Small £690
Retailer / Rental - Large £1,725
Manufacturer £1,725
Broadcaster / Platform Operator £5,625
Service Repair Agent £690

* Please note the prices listed above do not include VAT which is currently 20%. If you pay via monthly direct debit there is an additional admin charge.

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