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Created on Monday 15th January, 2018.

CES is the show to watch each year for new technology and innovation and this year is looking like no exception.

Partnerships are being announced throughout the show with the top trend being in the smart home market which is showing further integration of consumer connected devices, led with voice based artificial intelligence with companies looking to take advantage of the emerging voice platforms.

Here are just some examples to watch for your customers:-

  • Canary – smart home camera company is adding Alexa support to its systems. Those customers who have the company's premium Canary Flex Camera will be able to link it to their Alexa – using Echo Show, Echo Spot and Fire TV devices to view images from their camera in real time. No launch date has been announced.
  • Whirlpool is extending within their product portfolio extensive support for voice assistants. At CES they are showing off their 2018 line up of new products that consumers can control with either their Alexa or Google Assistant. This line up includes dishwashers which you can set and start by voice and fridges where you can change the temperature setting.They are hoping that these features will push consumers to spend a little more on their choice of products.
  • D-Link, the accessory company, at CES have announced a pair of home security cameras that can also integrate with Alexa and Google Assist, allowing users to use screen equipped devices such as Echo Show and Fire TV to view live footage from their cameras. Providing both indoor and outdoor security via their battery powered cameras using both WiFi and built in LTE antennas as a back up. They will be available second quarter of 2018.

It seems that there is a real push for companies to incorporate voice assistant control in their products for the connected home as consumers flock to buy voice assistants and buy smart speakers in their abundance.

Some key points coming out of the show

  • Echo Show by Amazon is looking like the shows big winners – mass market appeal with the combination of usefulness and excitement that will drive consumers to buy it. On the other hand the Echo Look seems to be not attracting the same interest.
  • Not looking to dominate its space in the smart speaker market is surprisingly the Apple's HomePod – looks like a bit of a flop
  • The smart speaker market looks like it will rapidly evolve over the next few years with more of them featuring screens and with the smart assistant moving beyond the smart speaker.

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