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Created on Friday 9th December, 2016.

Relating to the Sale, Supply, Service and support of Consumer Electrical Goods and Produced in consultation with the techUK Consumer Electronics Service Forum

The Code of Practice (CoP) (available below) has been provided to RDI for information and is designed to set out guidelines for the minimum criteria for service quality standards that are provided by Manufacturers and Producers of Consumer Electronics that are supplied to end users.

The purpose of the CoP is to describe good industry practice in the areas of pre and post sales and to provide benchmark service levels for key elements of the service proposition for consumer electrical goods. This CoP sets out minimum standards guidelines for manufacturers, resellers, distributors and channels only. It is not designed as a customer/ end user facing document. This paper seeks to give guidance to device producers and sellers on what information they should provide to the end user/ purchaser.

This guide is designed to support best practice recommendations for electrical goods. There are some electrical goods that also connect to additional services such as the supply and use of gas and water. This CoP does not set out to describe the requirements for support and service of non-electrical specific products and features.

To read more, see the full document below.

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