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Created on Monday 3rd September, 2012.

The RDI management team is delighted that it has achieved its aim to become an Institute. This new approach means there is now a way for its members to work within a high profile body that can properly represent them and importantly accredit skills and experience in the fast developing digital sector.

The Institute has created a new quality control system that makes it accessible to a broad range of reputable, qualified and experienced members. This incorporates industry leading measures and a pathway of future skills development. Current existing RDI installers who have been closely involved with the UK’s digital switchover programme will become the first to gain access to the Institute from
its launch in September.

With an expanded portfolio of qualifications, Institute accreditations will become accessible to a far wider spectrum of experienced members. Some potential members may find that they already qualify to join the scheme or have sufficient skills credits to become registered. For industry entrants, skills and training programs have been created and developed in conjunction with further
education facilities.
In addition to Installer membership, the Institute is pleased to announce a new membership framework set up to enable manufacturers, retailers, service providers, broadcasters, consultants and trade bodies to join the institute. The RDI are happy to confirm that a number of these are already signed up pre the official launch date. As part of the quality control process these members will be asked to meet the Institutes strict code of conduct and support the RDI’s aim to drive high
standards throughout the sector.

Professionals active within the digital sector will receive communications over the next few weeks explaining the transition to Institute status and welcoming their application to join the body. The Institute is also actively engaged in developing a broader product and service evaluation role where in 2013 its blue ‘digital tick’ mark will independently benchmark professional equipment and services.

RDI CEO Martin Smith commented;
“The RDI is delighted and proud to have become an Institute and is focused upon providing high level representation for both installers and digital companies. It is great news for our fast developing membership and also for professionals within the broader digital environment. The industry has needed a credible organisation for many years and we believe that the scheme will provide an exact fit for small, medium and large businesses.”

He added;
“The Institute title sends out the right message to consumers, government and influencers within one of the economy’s fastest growing sectors and finally we have the right professional UK body for the digital installation sector.” 

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