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Created on Wednesday 23rd November, 2016.

The RDI are delighted to announce that Avonline plc has chosen to partner with the RDI as a main sponsor for the 4th year running. This is strong testament to the close working relationship that has been established between the two companies and the investment made by both organisations to the member network.

The relationship has evolved over the past 3 years primarily supporting Avonline Broadband, the market leader in the UK for satellite broadband. The RDI has been committed to ensuring members and consumers are aware of the latest satellite broadband developments including the latest Superfast 30Mb services offered by Avonline on a nationwide basis. RDI has raised awareness with members and provided the link for them to become resellers and representatives. As Avonline continues to offer a unique range of solutions across the UK, their success in the satellite broadband market is second to none and they actively engage with members to help them to drive forward.

The partnership for the RDI will develop further into 2017 as the two organisations seek to extend this important relationship into new areas. As a Services group established back in 1981, as well as being leaders in satellite broadband they are specialists in networks, providing solutions in fibre and copper to next generation networks and commercial flooring, providing services to building contractors and developers. Part of their recent development has been supporting BskyB with the upgrade of communal housing blocks to make them Sky Q ready. The RDI and Avonline have developed a specific model for members to reward both a converted lead for communal blocks suitable for the Sky Q upgrade as well as the installation works. We are pleased to have been able to get our members involved in supporting this project and look forward to many more members getting involved as we race into 2017.

Beverley Smith, Director at RDI shared 'Our relationship with Avonline has gone from strength to strength and we truly enjoy working with the senior management team there. We have always been impressed with their positive attitude, passion and professionalism and we are thrilled at the RDI to be working with Avonline for another year.' She added, 'Our aim over the next year is to jointly present more opportunities to our members and to continue to support Avonline in raising their profile.'

Mark Wynn, MD of Avonline PLC added 'The RDI is an excellent partner for Avonline. They have a passionate and experienced leadership team and a proactive approach for finding innovative ways for both their members and Avonline to engage in a successful manner. With superfast satellite broadband and the technically superb Sky Q, 2017 should be our most successful partnership year ever."

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