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Created on Thursday 19th April, 2018.

Good news – LG has recently announced that they have partnered with Google and Amazon to enable all SmartThinQ devices (of which thee are many) to be controlled by voice assist.

This means that any of your customers who have a Google Assist or Alexa and who are looking for a choice of compatible products will now have the choice of many LG products that you can point them towards.

It isn't the first time that LG products have been able to be voice controlled but it is the first time but with the introduction of an open platform which allows customers to choose between the Google Assist or Alexa.

It is great to see such a key brand in consumer electronics take the path to ensure their products are usable in the home easily rather than being part of a walled off eco-system which helps when pointing your customers in the right direction. To have a look at their range of products, take a look here.

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