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Created on Tuesday 22nd November, 2016.

Supported by Steve Hutchings from Kent Aerials

Antiference are a well-established leader in the manufacture in the TV reception and digital media industry. They have been manufacturing for some 80 years, with as long ago in 1937 when the first television broadcasts happened, Antiference began manufacturing UHF and VHF antennas in the UK for the trade market.

Since their original products, Antiference had expanded their product portfolio which has evolved to meet the needs of the market and technology. Highly renowned for making high quality products which range from domestic Sky accessories, 4K HD distribution and LCD wall mounts, just to name a few of their products.

We hear a lot of our members talk about Antiference products, referring to their quality, customer service and also just how long they had been using Antiference products. We found one of our longest standing members who has used Antiference products for some 30+ years.

Speaking to Steve Hutchings from Kent Aerials who operates in the East Kent area, he couldn't praise the products enough. On chatting to Steve he said that in his early career the company he had worked for tried several manufacturers but kept coming back to the products supplied by Antiference as they simply found them to the best. He recalls that the first product he used was the XG 10 Aerial and 3 way Masthead splitter. This first use of Antiference products has led to his commitment to the use of their range of products including a high volume of aerial products with the XG 10 Aerial still remaining his firm favourite.

Steve said 'What is really important to me is ensuring when I complete a job is the quality and reliability of the products that I use and I get this every time with Antiference products. In addition I need to remain competitive and with the Antiference products being reasonably priced, I am able to do this.' He added, 'In addition they have a wide range of products which helps with the range or work that I do and the evolving need of consumers.'

Although he rarely needed to access Antiference's technical support team on the rare occasion when he found them to be first class and would recommend using them if you are stuck.

Steve shared a story to sum up the quality of Antiference products, 'I have recently taken down a 30 year old Antiference 2 way masthead splitter a part of a system upgrade. The kit was still working and completely intact after 30 years. This really supports my thoughts that they deliver quality and reliable products at a reasonable price. I have just sent the kit back to Antiference who were keen to see the product after 30 years.'

The experience by Steve is supported by many of our members who mirror his comments and support for Antiference products. The RDI have worked with Antiference now for 4 years and consistently find their team to be engaging, knowledgeable and passionate about their products. This comes at a time when Antiference are just entering their 5th year of sponsorship and our members will hear more and more about new products and the quality work that Antiference do.

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